Above photo-Matt and Karen Layden aboard Paradox -Georgetown, Bahamas.


4/6/14 The other day I was going through my old favorites folder in my browser, and I began culling out all the dead links. In the process I came apon some of the more important boat related ones that were certainly worth revisiting. Read more


When you are solo sailing in a micro-cruiser it's surprising how many "selfie" photos you take during the trip to show later to friends and family. After listening to the Selfie song by the music group, "The Chainsmokers," I was inspired to compile a short  video of my solo shots here.


Today marks the first day of Spring. It's predicted to be dry and fairly warm so I'm hurring up to get things done on the website in order that I can go outdoors and work on some boat related projects. I finally got around to (read more...)


Well it's been a long cold winter, but Spring will be officially here tomorrow. Of course, for Mindy and I it won't have come soon enough because the last icestorm caused a huge limb to come crashing down nearly taking out all three of our micro-cruisers. Luckily, the pergola under which LITTLE CRUISER is stored (read more...)


Mindy and David have a passion for small sailboats called micro-cruisers, and they have been cruising in their tiny boats for more then 20 years. Their favorite destinations have been the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. 

Disclaimer: Like many other outdoor activities in life, sailing small boats has it's own inherent dangers and risks that could result in injury or even death. Therefore, it's our sincere suggestion that you consider this website as simply a collection of our experiences and our strategies on how we plan and take our own trips. We might also add that though we admire and favor a particular style of watercraft,  we can not guarantee your satisfaction or safety in the same vessel since everyone has different boat handling skills and the weather and sea conditions on any body of water can be unpredictable.  Nonetheless, if you decide to venture from the perceived safety of your own home, you may have the opportunity to experience what this incredible wet world has to offer.