Above-3.6 meter ENIGMA and Dave in the Allans Cay, Bahamas.



If you enjoy watching movies on Netflix as much as I do, then there are two wonderful sailing flixs I'd recommend viewing. The first is MAIDENTRIP, which  is about 14 year old Laura Dekker's voyage around the world. What I liked most about this film was that much of the amateur footage fit the relaxed tone of trip well.... Read more at our Blog

Greg Kutsen over at Mantus anchors  is getting ready to release a new dinghy sized 2 1/2 pound version of his famous anchor which should work nicely on ENIGMA. During my trip to the Bahamas last year I decided to take along only 1 anchor, and that anchor was an 8 lb Mantus which was the smallest one they made at the time. Of course it probably was a bit of overkill for the boat. However, I can't complain because it set so easily in every type of bottom I encountered and it never dragged once. What more can I say? I'm getting a little galvanized one to try out when they are released on September 11.


People do amazing trips in their PARADOX microcruisers! Dave down in Hawaii just cruised the whole islands chain, and I loved the account of his 415 nm journey at his blog.


Lately, I've really been enjoying reading Chris Morejohn's blog about his experience building boats in the Florida Keys. If you don't know who Chris is well he is the creator of several large liveaboard sized sharpies as well as some revolutionary flats boats. Years ago when we sailed to the Bahamas in tandem with Matt Layden, we got to meet up with Chris and his family when they were living in the Exumas aboard their 32 footer called HOGFISH LIPS. Now they have an even larger flat bottomed sailboat called HOGFISH MAXIMUS.


This month we had the privaledge of writing an article for SAIL magazine about our experiences cruising in small boats. You can now read it online here.


Mindy and David have a passion for small sailboats called micro-cruisers, and they have been cruising in their tiny boats for more then 20 years. Their favorite destinations have been the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the beautiful islands of the Bahamas. 

Disclaimer: Like many other outdoor activities in life, sailing small boats has it's own inherent dangers and risks that could result in injury or even death. Therefore, it's our sincere suggestion that you consider this website as simply a collection of our experiences and our strategies on how we plan and take our own trips. We might also add that though we admire and favor a particular style of watercraft,  we can not guarantee your satisfaction or safety in the same vessel since everyone has different boat handling skills and the weather and sea conditions on any body of water can be unpredictable.  Nonetheless, if you decide to venture from the perceived safety of your own home, you may have the opportunity to experience what this incredible wet world has to offer.