Ebay Glass-4 oz

The following are pictures of the 50 yard roll of 4 oz glass we got off Ebay recently for $35.  The reason the cloth was so inexpensive was because it had slight imperfections that run the whole length of the cloth (about a foot in from one edge), and there are ocassional minor flaws across it's 50" width.  It is finished with Silane which makes it suitable for use with epoxy, and it has around a 24 x 20 per inch thread count.  In the past we have always purchased our 4 oz (style 1522) cloth from Sweet Composites for around $5 a yard, but the Ebay deal was too good to pass up at 70 cent per yard.  The Sweet Composites fiberglass is similar in appearance to the cheaper cloth, but it is made by BGF and it has a marginally softer finish.  Nonetheless, we found that the less expensive glass was more than adequate for tackling even the most complex tasks as you will see from the pictures below. 

Ebay glass above and BGF below. 
Too bad the original 50 yards was sent wrapped around some folded over cardboard instead of a real tube.  This is how the glass looked after we re-rolled it.
Aligning a pattern on 45 degree bias.  Note our new lead "ducks"!
3M 77 spray helps keep the fabric hugging all five 90 degree bends as well as some other complex contours near the ends.
West System epoxy with SLOW hardener.
Ready for trimming.