The Enigma 360 is one of Matt Layden's newer micro-cruisers.  She differs from some of his earlier boats like Paradox and Little Cruiser in that she is considerably lighter in her construction. Tipping the scales at only 180 pounds empty and without ballast, she is ideally suited for solo coastal cruising as well as portaging over land using cart wheels and a unique built-in axle system. Matt constructed the boat in 2005, and then he entered her in the 2006 Watertribe Ultimate Challenge to place first in her class in this grueling 1200 mile race,  which incidentally included a 40 mile portage.  In 2008 she was sold to us, and then three more Watertribe races were completed in her.  Recently, a new prototype Enigma with a hard cabin is being finished,  which we talk about in our 8/24/12 Blog.

Design Particulars

LOA- 3.6 m/ 11'-10"
LWL- 3.24 m/ 10'-8"
BEAM- 1.087 m/ 43"
DRAFT- 0.155 m/ 6"
SAIL AREA- 5.5 sqm/ 57 sqFt
DISP-267Kg/ 588 lbs

Interesting Details
1. Chine Runners
2. Fold down soft cabin
3. Self righting
4. Positive bouyancy
5. All lines lead into cabin

Additional Information

Construction Pictures