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lcr2t.jpg - 3993 Bytes

Beginning the project of stripping the paint off Little Cruiser .

lcr11t.jpg - 8241 Bytes

Little Cruiser turned over with the "big wheel," and the bottom is ready to be worked on.

lcr12t.jpg - 3193 Bytes

Initial removal of the antifouling paint.

lcr19t.jpg - 6582 Bytes

Antifouling paint gone and copper ground strap removed.  The putty over all the nail holes was removed at this point.  

lcr60t.jpg - 6347 Bytes

View of the stern and the skeg.

lcr17t.jpg - 3306 Bytes

Nail holes and defects puttied with epoxy and microballons.  Plywood  sealed with epoxy.

lcr6t.jpg - 3883 Bytes

Little Cruiser being rolled over again to complete work on the deck.

.: Microcruiser Refit

We were really hoping to cruise the beautiful Bahamas this winter, but unfortunately we just couldn't get Little Cruiser ready in time.  We thought that by starting in the summer we would have plenty of time to strip the boat down to bare wood and then to cover it in fiberglass; however, we just underestimated the size of the project. We also got slowed down a bit when we acquired Swamp Thing in the Fall.  She required some immediate attention to some serious rot damage to her hull, deck and transom. 

At the moment, Little Cruiser has been completely stripped of paint and she has been sealed in epoxy.  Now we are awaiting the return of Spring to sheath her fully in fiberglass.  Since the weather is too cold for glueing, we have been  concentrating our efforts on rebuilding  Swamp Thing.

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str41t.jpg - 8044 Bytes

Here is Swamp Thing  after she just arrived from Florida.

str42t.jpg - 8149 Bytes

View of the starboard side and hole in coaming.

str24t.jpg - 3951 Bytes

Stern view.  We found rot in the transom and the rear deck.

str26t.jpg - 2995 Bytes

If you look at the cockpit coaming carefully, you can see that it is delaminating.

str35t.jpg - 6585 Bytes

Extensive rot was discovered on the port side of the rear deck.  This has been ground away,

str36t.jpg - 3339 Bytes

More rot on the starboard side of the rear deck.  Part of the toe rail is also missing.

str3t.jpg - 3825 Bytes

Significant rot is present in the area of this transversely located core void. If you look at the bottom left of the picture, you will note a patch where the hull was penetrated by a rock many years ago.
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