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lcr41t.jpg - 6232 Bytes

View of starboard window.

lcr42t.jpg - 5836 Bytes

Starboard view with detail of water catchment .

lcr54t.jpg - 6349 Bytes

Mast step and sanded foredeck.

lcr46t.jpg - 7015 Bytes

Rear ventilation baffles. 

lcr48t.jpg - 3904 Bytes

Top view of Little Cruiser .  Note the four water ballast tanks.

lcr52t.jpg - 6126 Bytes

View of port bow, and the damage caused by sea ice when Matt froze in for the winter in Cape Cod!

lcr62t.jpg - 4018 Bytes

Centerboard and rudder blade with edges covered in kevlar.

.: Microcruiser Refit

There was considerable rot damage to Swamp Thing .  We first began our repairs by digging out and grinding away all the troublesome areas.  Then these spots were  saturated with unthickened epoxy resin.  Next, new wood and fiberglass cloth were used to rebuild the affected parts.


str17t.jpg - 6426 Bytes

Rot in area of upper gungeon.

str30t.jpg - 7502 Bytes

Rot to stern and rear deck.

str32t.jpg - 5839 Bytes

Rot in stem.

str37t.jpg - 7204 Bytes

Finished repair to deck after MANY layers of glass.

str9t.jpg - 5729 Bytes

Completed repair to stern.

str7t.jpg - 3232 Bytes

Toe rail replaced and more repair to deck on starboard side.

str13t.jpg - 6574 Bytes

View of boat from the bow.  Note repair to coaming, which was delaminated, and stem.  The coaming will receive several layers of glass cloth to replace the missing layer of plywood veneer.
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