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lcr63t.jpg - 3482 Bytes

The completed hatch after it was stripped, and then sheathed in 4 oz fibergass.

lcr51t.jpg - 3810 Bytes

Sanding is finally completed.

lcr26t.jpg - 6443 Bytes

Little Cruiser sealed in epoxy.  Again note damage at waterline from ice.

lcr28t.jpg - 6763 Bytes

Port view.

lcr27t.jpg - 3599 Bytes

View from bow. 

lcr66t.jpg - 4469 Bytes

Hull sealed and nail holes and damaged areas filled with epoxy/microballons .  Ready for final fiberglassing.

.: Microcruiser Refit

To the right can be seen the long awaited interior views of Swamp Thing. The third picture is the most interesting because it shows some components of the boat like the tiller lock, chart table, oar ports and stove mount.

On the left are pictures of Little Cruiser fully stripped, sealed and ready for covering with fiberglass. Hopefully, when the weather warms up in the Spring, we can resume our efforts so that we can be ready for another cruise next winter.


str23t.jpg - 3589 Bytes

Top view facing aft.  Note that the deck has now  been patched.  After some more stripping and sanding, it will covered in 6 oz fiberglass.

str1t.jpg - 8172 Bytes

Here is a view of the interior facing aft of course.

str11t.jpg - 6312 Bytes

This picture, which is facing the stern, shows several important features which are labeled for clarity.

str12t.jpg - 6230 Bytes

Here is a view of the interior through the tiller opening in the stern.

str45t.jpg - 5676 Bytes

Looking aft over the chart table and out towards the repaired transom.

str43t.jpg - 6536 Bytes

View of the bow.  Note mast step which is located slightly to port.
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