(Updates to list as of 2007)

Many people are amazed by the amount of gear that can be carried aboard LITTLE CRUISER. At times we even amaze ourselves! Therefore, we thought that you might like to see what we bring along on one of our three month long trips. The list is broken down into several parts to make organizing simplier. Of course our food supplies aren't sufficient to last the whole trip; therefore, we suppliment our rations with fresh fruits, vegetables and dry goods along the way.


Dry goods:

spaghetti thin and regular 8 lbs
rice basmati, white, brown, wild rice 10 lbs
2 lbs
popcorn white 2 bags
beef jerky KING B, TAYLOR 5 lbs
sugar turbinado and white sugar 2 lbs
dried fruit apples, apricot, figs, peaches 10 pks
tea celestial seasonings,green and earl grey 100 bgs
coffee whole beans-espresso, cinamon & others 2 lbs
poptarts brown cinamon and blueberry flavors 2 boxes
flour white 1 lb
powdered milk
2 boxes
soup Lipton chicken noodle 4 boxes
soup stock Jamison's, wonton, bonito and clam stock 5 jars
hot chocolate Swiss Miss 2 boxes
granola bars
4 boxes
nuts mixed nuts 6 cans
potato chips pringles 4 cans
pretzles rods 6 bags
creamer dairy creamer 1 jar
sunflower seeds Planters and David's brands- large size 6 bags
candy gum, lifesavers and mints 3 boxes
cookies chocolate chip cookies 1 bag
crackers Saltines- 4 bags/ box 4 boxes
chorizo Mexican sausage-vacuum packed 4 packs

Can/jars/bottle goods:

barbecue Southern specialty 4 cans
24 cans
hot dogs Vienna Sausage 12 cans
mustard squeeze bottle 1 jar
ketchup squeeze bottle 1 jar
mayonaise squeeze bottle 2 jar
apple sauce
4 jars
clam sauce
8 cans
6 cans
butter squeeze 1 bottle
tuna fish
6 cans
2 jars
beef stew
4 cans
chicken & dumpling
4 cans
2 jars
straw mushrooms
2 cans
chinese noodles
2 packs
baby corn
2 cans
olive oil
1 liter
balsamic vinegar
1 bottle
white vinegar
1 bottle
sesame oil
small jar
coke cans or bottles 6 cans
lime juice
1 jar
beer/wine homemade 12 bottles

Seasonings and others:

pepper gourmet-whole red and black 2 jars
1 jar
italian seasoning
1 jar
crab boil
1 pack
1 jar
corn starch
1 box
1 pack
dried basil from garden 1 bag
salad dressing mix
1 box
dried chili peppers
1 bag
dried mushrooms shitaki 1 bag
soy sauce
1 bottle

Fresh fruit and vegetables (Usually bought in Florida and later in the Bahamas)

cheese cheddar- good and inexpensive in the Bahamas 1 lb
1 lb
cabbage large heads. good and cheap in the Bahamas 2
onions keep long, available anywhere 2 lbs
ginger large pieces, nice to cook with 3
eggs flip carton every few days 1 doz
potatoes red ones taste best and last long 3 lbs
grape fruits pink ones are our favorite-available in Bahamas 2too 4
apples red delicious and granny smiths 12
tomatoes get in various stages of ripeness- green to red 6
green peppers don't last real long 5-7 days 4
key limes available in Florida and Bahamas 12
mango when available 2
papaya when available 2
coconut free if you can climb trees well 2
goat pepper hot chili like peppers used to make conk salad 1 bag
bananas sugar babies (tiny ones) are our favorites 12
sugar cane available in Bahamas. A real treat! 1

Cooking Supplies

Bowl and plates 3 sets 6
Utensils forks, spoons and knife 6
cutting board small plywood boards -12" x 12" 2
Pots and pans pressure cooker, teflon coated pan, coffee perculator 3
cups and mugs 2 insulated cups, 2 foldable wine glasses, 2 water bottles 6
serving utensils spatula and laddle 2
grater & peeler stainless steel 2
can opener
cigarette lighter
Stoves GAZ stoves (see stove review) 2
GAZ cylinders 1 lb -available at backpacking stores 12
coffee grinder small manually operated 1
scrub pads
sharpening stone
measuring cup

Bathroom, Medical and other Miscellaneous
paper towels regular and shop towel varieties 6
toilet paper
garbage bags
freezer bags
1 box
aluminum foil
1/4 roll
citrus bathroom spray
razors and shaving cream 1 pack razors, 1 can shaving 2
tooth brush and paste 1 a piece 2
hair brush
sun tan lotion spf 30+ or higher 2
laundry detergent 1 pint size bottle 1
bug repellant liquid and mozquito coils (2 boxes) 2
anti inflammatory meds Motrin, Aspirin, Anacin, and Aleve 1
peptobismol 1 small bottle 1
benadryl relief for mosquito bites. 1
cough syrup
soap Ivory soap works well in salt water 1
shampoo and conditioner 1 small bottle of each 2
gauze a dozen of different sizes 12
bandaid 1 small box 1
tape medical cloth tape 2
antibiotics ceclor, doxycycline- see your M.D. 2
Sterapred pack cortisone pills- see your M.D. 1
vitamins multivitamins- C and E 1
Gas X, Ex lax for stomach problems 2
Q tips small box 30
hand lotion
Feminine Napkins 1 box 1
hydrogen peroxide for cleansing wounds 1
butterfly stitches for deep cuts 4
coban compressive dressing 1
ace bandage for sprains 1
cortisone cream


mask and snorkle 2 sets (we left fins home to save space) 2
bird cages our pets come along 2
fishing tackle rod, reel, lures (next trip we're going to try fly fishing) 1
watermaker survivor 35 and biocide 1
Charts Bahama Chart book (1/big one) and Florida charts Fort Lauderdale to Tavernier (3) 4
Tools Screw drivers, hammer, chisels, plane,knives,gauges, allen keys, wrenches, sockets, brushes,axe
sun shower 2.5 and 5 gallon 2
water jugs 20 /1 qt jugs plus 2.5 and 5 gallon jugs. 12.5 gal
mp3 player 1 CD holds 170 songs! 1
LCD color TV
handbearing compass
Radios 2 VHF and 1 Icom 706 Ham radio 3
life vests inflatables to save room-SOS and Mustang 2
waterproof bag to keep things dry in dinghy 1
wind scoop goes on hatch for those hot nights 1
netted bags 1 for clothing and 1 for fruits and vegetables 2
wind scoop erect over hatch for hot nights 1
camera and film 2 cameras and 10 rolls of film 2
sea anchor small 36" diameter 1
4 anchors 4 lb bruce, 4 lb fotress, 9 lb danforth, 25 lb Luke 4
cloth line 30' 1/8" line and clothes pins 1
books can trade these along the way 12
mosquito netting netting to cover hatch at night 1
Flashlight Underwater halogen and LED head lamp 2

Repair equipment

WD 40 small can 1
spark plugs
engine oil
1 gal
lower case oil
1 qt
spare engine part o rings, impeller,props,cotter pins 1 bag
sand paper regular and wet/dry-all grits 6
epoxy West System 6 ounces
fillers microballoons and wood flour 2 bags
fiberglass various weights from 2 oz to 12 oz 1 bag
fasteners ring nails, screws, bolts, nuts and washers 1 box
volt meter miniature Radio Shack variety 1
soldering iron iron, solder, paste and blow torch attachment 1
bulbs spare bulbs all sizes 6
wire replacement wire -various sizes 4
glues contact glue (barge), white, CA 3
fuses 5, 10, 15 amp 12
white filler automotive filler for those bumps 1 tube
caulking silicone, 3M 5200 fast cure and slow 3 tubes
shrink tube various sizes for electrical repairs 6
blocks and pulleys replacement blocks 4
batteries AA, C, D (6-8/pack) 6
spare lines extra lines 1/8",1/4", 3/8" (50' each) 150'
paints white, varnish, antifouling, thinners 5
underwater epoxy Pettit - a must for those bumps and bruises 1
spreaders plastic spreaders 12