Little Cruiser Refit 2005

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Paint is stripped. Hull is rolled over and the grounding plate is removed.
Defects are then filled with epoxy/milled glass/microballons.

Hull is sanded fair. Note damage to bow by sea ice in last photo.

1.7 oz Kevlar added to leading edge of rudder blade and centerboard.
Hatch is sealed in 4 oz glass.  Hull is sealed in epoxy and sanded fair.

Window frames and sills are carefully fiberglassed.

Cabin and toe rails fiberglassed.  Extra glass wear patch near yuloh bracket.

Ventilation baffles, drains  and centerboard trunk/vent fiberglassed. More sanding.

6 oz glass added to deck.

Final glassing on deck.

Boat rolled for bottom work.

Chine reenforcements added.

New solar controller and enclosure made.  Bottom sealed and ready for glassing.

10 oz glass applied to bottom.  FIVE layers are added!

Microballons added and bottom is faired smooth

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