Little Cruiser Refit 2005- part 2

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Additional wear patches added for maximum impact protection.

Bottom is faired using long ruler as spreader, and then it is sanded fair. The transom gets
3 layers of 3.25 oz glass.

6 oz fiberglass is applied to the sides.  Mindy approves of the job.  Then it's time
to sand and varnish the floorboards and the spars. 

The hull is rolled upside down using a lever and a block and tackle.  Believe it or not,
Little Cruiser was rolled over by just one person most of the time.

New 1/8" x 72" copper ground plate is installed.  Bottom is painted. Boat is rolled
for the last time.

The cabin and the deck are faired.  Winter is here, and the Greenhouse is
sealed tight against the cold by closing in the ends and adding an inner plastic liner. 

Final touchups before painting. Modifications to hatch to fit new
solar panels.

Hull is primed and then painted.

Hatch is faired.  New windows are made.  Headliner is added.  New cleats. Antifouling paint.

Digging out.  All painted and ready to go!