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Site Description of these Yahoo groups

Microcruising A great place to talk about cruising in little boats, and moderated by the founder of
Paradox Builders A really fantastic group for those contemplating or building a Paradox. The moderator, Glen, is an experienced boat builder, and he has one of the finest examples of the Paradox design, Zoe, to his credit.
This group is no longer active, but the members now meet at .
Boat Design Not only for the technical minded.


A group dedicated to microcruising, especially in the Canadian built 17' Siren sailboat.
Bolger forum The place for fans of Bolger boats.
Smallsailboats A great group moderated by Bill Serjeant.

Boating Sites
Site Description
A nice webpage covering a variety of boats with the main purpose being living on the water. At the moment, the web author's latest project is a 10 foot sail boat designedSelway Fisher. The worlds first and finist sailing podcasts!
70.8% Old blog with information on sailing and cruising, but not updated since 2014.
Webb Chiles A great site by Webb Chiles himself about his sailing adventures and his life. He even has generously provide full pdf files of most of his books and articles!
Mcgowanmarine Some nice small boat designs and new green designs in the works.
Shoal Waters Charles Stock's new website about his adventures aboard his 16 1/2 foot gaff rigged sailboat, Shoal Waters. Believe it or not, he has sailed over 70,000 miles in this little micro-cruiser since he built it in 1963. A must read site!
Little Jim Excellent website with lots of pictures on how to build Paradox.
Yrvind Sven Lundin/Yrvind site about his Bris boats. It is in Swedish.
Openboatcruising This was a nice site about open boat cruising. Unfortunately you can only see it now with the way back machine which is linked.
Shortypen's Pocket Cruiser Shortypen's site with a comprehensive list of sailboats
Pocket Cruiser Guide Large list of boats and equipment.
Jack's NIS 18 Site Jack did a beautiful job building EGIA. Lots of construction photos.
Bill Serjeant's Blog Bill Serjeants wonderful blog about not only his Paradox but all things boating.
John's Nautical And Boatbuilding Excellent site to find ALL nautical related links
Bolger Site A guide to lots of links to Bolger's boats on the web
Juneau boatbuilder Amateur boat building way up north
Jim Michalak Lots of small boat designs
Flicka Home Page Great update site on this incredible boat.
LewisBoatWorks Neat little site about Lewis' projects
Dave's Wiki
A site dedicated to some of Matt Layden's boats

Site Description
Small Crafts Advisor Great little magazine. We did an in depth interview for them in their May/June 2000 issue.
Messing About in Boats Another great magazine published twice a month about small boats.
SAIL MAGAZINEGreat articles about sailing and cruising. Check out the article we wrote for them awhile back.
Duckswork Magazine Web based magazine with articles, columns, and home building guides.

Boat Building
Site Description
Sweet Composites Excellent source for fiberglass, kevlar, graphite and other boatbuilding supplies. We bought much of our supplies from here. Exceptional customer support.
Raka Another wonderful supplier of boatbuilding fabrics, fillers and custom epoxy.
Ebay Check out Ebay for some deals on white LEDs, fiberglass fabric and more.
Oudoor Wilderness Fabrics Source for all types of fabrics. Great prices on closeouts.
Seattle Fabrics A good source for all types of fabrics.
Sailrite The place to get materials to make your own sails.
Jamestown Distributors One of the best places to get fasteners, epoxy, paint etc..
Sailmaker's Supply A good source for dacron sailcloth, sunbrella and many other sailmaking related items at reasonable prices.
Defender Industries Huge inventory of marine related item. We've bought gear from them since 1985. Now that we don't live nearby, we order on the internet.

Miscellaneous Site Description
Snorkelbox How to make a really inexpensive waterproof housing for your video camera. This enclosure should be perfect for those who want to protect their camera from spray and even submersion while cruising aboard their boat. You can see more of Robb's interesting inventions here.
Don ELLIOTT'S BOOKSWebsite for getting small books like the one for building Paradox. 
Beach Cruising and Coastal Camping
Fantastic book by Michael Walsh and Ida Little on how to camp cruise in little boats. There is also discussion about Matt Layden's boats and a picture of Swamp Thing on page 197.

Paradox and other builder's blogs Site Description
Little Jim
Nice site about constructing and sailing this British Paradox, Little Jim.
A sailing blog by Bill Sergeant which also has entries about his Paradox cruiser, Faith.
Fantastic blog about building and sailing Johanna, yet another Paradox.
Nice blog by the builder of the beautiful Paradox, Tardis.
Enigma 460
Building and sailing one of Matt Layden's newer boat designs.