Other Small Sailboats

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Here is the 3,70 m (12') micro-cruiser, SAID from Russia. Evgny Gvoznev left from the Caspian Sea, crossed the Mediterranean and the Atlantic to reach Argentina. After passing the Magellan Straits safely to reach Chile, he next sailed across the Pacific. Not long ago he arrived at Port Darwin in the Northern Territory of Australia. Unfortunately, his Russian passport had expired while he was still at sea, and he was stuck in Port Darwin until a new passport could be sent to him. The latest news we've heard as of 9-10-02 is that he has now left Australia and he is on his way to South Africa. BRAVO!

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This 8' micro-cruiser was photographed cruising in Turkish waters

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Darrell C, who also goes by the name of "Admiral Dinghy," plans to cruise the world in his 9' micro-cruiser
(photo by Shorty at http://www.shortypen.com/boats/pocket/ )

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Lt-Ray Bishop and his wife cruised the Florida Keys aboard their 14' modified Peep Hen. Rt-Leonard Satz's handsome 14'9" x 5'6" x 2'6" micro-ocean cruiser.

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Here are some pictures of Art DuBow's beautiful copy of Robert Manry's 13 1/2' TINKERBELLE

midoceanpp160r.jpg - 26716 Bytesparadisepp76r.jpg - 32550 BytesClaude and Genevieve Desjardins sailed from Canada to Australia in their 18' home-built micro-cruiser. Here are some pictures from that trip- one in the middle of the ocean and the other safely in port. WOW!