Paradox is one of Matt Laydens most successful micro-cruiser designs. Built in 1993, this boat was initially sailed from Connecticut down the Intracoastal waterway and as far out as the Ragged Islands in the Bahamas.  After cruising   near his home in Florida for 10 years, she was then entered in the grueling 300 mile Everglades Challenge. There she not only placed first in her class, but she also garnered overall honors. Paradox is 13' 10" long and a mere 48" wide. What makes this boat so unique is that she has no centerboard to prevent leeway, but instead she relies on specially shaped external chine logs, which Matt calls chine runners, to go to windward.

Design Particulars

LOA- 4.2m/ 13'-10"
LWL-4.1m/ 13'-5"
BEAM-1.23m/ 4' 1/2"
DRAFT-0.23m/ 9"
SAIL AREA-9.3 sqm/ 100sqFt
DISP-640Kg/ 1410 lbs

Interesting Details
1. Chine Runners
2. 70 liters of fresh water ballast
3. Self righting
4. Positive bouyancy
5. All lines lead into cabin

Additional Information

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Sketches of Paradox by Don Elliott

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