Equipment Reviews



We haven't done a lot of equipment reviews in the last few years; therefore, some of the information has become somewhat outdated, especially when it pertains to anything electronic. Nonetheless, you still might find some helpful observations reading the older reviews.

By the way, back in 2006, we bought a 50 yard roll of 4 oz E glass seconds on Ebay for only $35, and we are still working through that roll with good results on various projects including Swamp Thing.

If you have the time, it might be fun to look at some of our real old reviews about anchors, gps', drogues, early LED lighting and stoves. Obviously, handheld GPS' have gotten alot smaller since our first Magellan 5000. Anchors though are about the same; though, we are now testing out one of the new style plows, a Manson Supreme 7 pounder. Still it's pretty hard to beat a good old Danforth for the money and  the holding power.  

We kind of like this older page on some of our favorite equipment since we still use the gear today. The pressure cooker continues to function perfectly at home and on the boat, and it's distributed by GSI. Our beloved Iris 50 handbearing compass is going strong, and Defender keeps them in stock. Even the old Princeton Tec LED headlights we reviewed years ago are fine, but we've upgraded them now with more powerful units.