The hull is stripped of old paint.  All rotted wood is removed, and
bronze ring nails are added to back up the old ones. The interior
and exterior of the hull is sanded and then sealed in epoxy.


The hull is faired with epoxy and phenolic microballons.


More fairing with phenolic microballons.


The coaming is sealed in fiberglass set in epoxy. 


The rudder blade is faired; the vent is glued back together.
The toe rails and deck joint is sealed in 2 layers of 4 oz glass set in


A new bottom is made out of 1/2" a/c grade plywood.


The interior is painted with one part polyurethane
paint, and all the floorboards and bins receive
a few coats of  varnish.


Custom oar fiberglassed.  Floor timbers drilled.

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