Swamp Thing

stor2.jpg - 23872 BytesBuilt in 1985, Swamp Thing was Matt Layden's first microcruiser to use chine runners.  He sailed this fine little boat from his home in Connecticut engineless all the way down the Intracoastal Waterway and out to the Bahamas.  There is a nice picture of him aboard the boat in the Abacos in the book by Ida Little and Michael Walsh, "Beachcruising and Coastal Camping." In our opinion, it is one of his prettiest  designs, but the accomodations for one are quite spartan.  Many years later our friend Dave Gatan took ownership of this micro-cruiser, and he enjoyed day sailing her around his home in the Florida Keys.  Unfortunately by 2004 she fell into disrepair,  and we decided to rescue her.  You can see some pictures of our restoration on our projects page.

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Design Particulars
LOA- 13'2"
BEAM- 3'8"
DISP- 900 lbs

SA- 73 sq ft

Interesting Details

1. Fresh water ballasted
2. Roller furling main
3. All lines lead back to cabin
4. Oars stick out the sides for quick use

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Swamp Thing sailing in Key Largo, Florida

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Swamp Thing and Little Cruiser rafted up together

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Original design sketch by Matt Layden.